COMTENSE Apparel CAD System

COMTENSE Apparel CAD System is modern software for pattern creation and development, marker making, technology and cut planning, and much more.

The system COMTENSE consists of a number of modules and offers a wide range of functionality including the following:

With the help of our software you can quite easily develop, modify, finalize and grade pattern pieces, create industrial markers for your business needs and manage all the process of production planning in the automated environment.

COMTENSE can adjust and support every kind of modern peripherals: printers, plotters, CNC-cutters, digitizers, etc. The user also gets special solutions for the production planning: technology and cut planning, fabric usage control, cutting trace automatic creation and generating ISO-files for CNC-cutters.

The software modules and peripherals can be chosen and adjusted for every customer individually. Usually it is reasonable to use one of the standard COMTENSE software versions. Our professional support team always looks forward to helping you. Just call us or send an email, and you'll get the immediate answer.

COMTENSE CAD Software versions:

Indiv - a version recommended for pattern designers in the individual business, freelancers, who create patterns mostly for common orders. The version allows the user to adjust the narrow width plotters and printers.
Atelier - a version for workshops and design studios, which work out the new models, create and grade patterns. Full functionality in pattern creation, modeling, grading and styling is enabled in this version.
Enterprise - the most popular solution for the average and large sewing factories, which use the traditional (manual) cutting. All the functionalities in pattern creation, modeling and grading, as well as the functionality of marker making, considering all the conditions of industrial production.
Enterprise / 2 - is analogous to the Enterprise version. The main difference from "Enterprise" is that it can be installed on 2 workstations: one is for pattern development; the other is for pattern maker and marker-maker.
Furniture+ - a special version for upholstered furniture producers. It incorporates all the functionalities to create patterns and make markers. It can also be used by the automobile seats and soft toys producers.
AutoNester - high-performance module of automatic nesting in the process of marker making. This program unit combined with the additional module "Cut Plan" provides complex automation in the marker-making process.
ISO Export - the program unit to optimize the process of automatic cutting and to create ISO-files for the CNC-cutter control. This module allows the user to choose the first cutting point, determine the cut direction, cut sequence and much more.
Technology - the module to create the technology of the production process, calculate time and cost of every technological operation and the technological sequence, division of labor, etc.

Software units and their features:

Standard set
AB OVO - parametric developing of the basic patterns with the help of the measurement chart and parameters Prototype - working out of the models with the automatic pattern modification while altering the parameters
Temporary Model - pattern development, modifying, finalizing and grading Converter- pattern file export to the ASTM/DXF and AAMA/DXF formats
Administrator - system settings and data management Technology - technical specifications for production technicians; the integration and management of all information related to the production process in a database
Marker Maker- manual and automatic marker creation Tracer- CNC-cutter control and cutting process optimization
Plotter Driver - plotter communication and control Digitizer - input of the pattern pieces with the help of the digitizer

COMTENSE Apparel CAD System software supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating systems.

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