Plotter/cutter control


Plotter is a COMTENSE module, which controls the output from the main software units, e.g. "Temporary Model", "Administrator" and "Maker" to the plotter. The program allows the user to view the model pieces or marker layouts in all details before sending them to the plotter. Depending on settings, a cutting plotter can cut the patterns or draw a marker layout. Large marker layouts can be subdivided into several sheets of paper. The user can also designate which text information, marks and lables should be sent to the plotter.



Tracer is a program module for cutting process optimization and control. It is meant to create the ISO-file for the CNC Cutters. The program "Tracer" has got tools to define start cutting points on the pieces and the last ones, the cutting sequence (order optimization), cutting direction, and the idle parts of the pieces left for manual operations.

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