Marker making


Marker is a module to create layouts of production pattern pieces. This program allows the user to achieve fabric economy and optimize fabric utilization in the process of industrial cutting.

Markers can be created in different ways according to given parameters and conditions such as width, structure and type of fabric, fabric spreading type, gap between pieces, proportion within the fabric design, quantity of garments, fabric shrinkage, etc. Plaids and stripes can be taken into account as well. All the parameters can be altered at any time. Pieces can be grouped and positioned as one block. Patterns can be split with seam allowances at any position and joined back together. The aim of this module is to reduce production cost.

To locate the pieces more efficiently, the methods of semi-automatic and automatic nesting are combined. Large pieces are placed in semiautomatic mode and then small pieces are distributed over the marker area in automatic mode, filling the gaps between large pieces.

The most efficient module AutoNester makes the marker more efficient, saving time and money. It can work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

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