Pattern development and grading

Temporary model

Temporary Model is the key application of the COMTENSE CAD System - a program to develop, modify, and finalize model pieces. It provides communication and data exchange with other CAD applications - Administrator, AB OVO, Marker, Digitizer and Plotter.

Temporary Model has got the easy-to-use functions to modify the newly created pattern pieces (See the program AB OVO) or the digitized ones. Some of these functions are: dart manipulation and completing, fullness/gathers, pleats, joining pieces, and other pattern manipulations. There are special tools to develop facing and lining pieces quite easily, to change at once the model length, etc. The patterns can be modified, graded, re-graded after modification, supplied with seams, labels, notches, etc. All modifications automatically apply to all sizes of a piece. The model pieces list can be formed in one step.

Temporary model: main advantages

The friendly use and flexibility are the main advantages of the pattern development module. It is COMTENSE' know-how that the patterns of Temporary Model are taken in as hard copies, which can be easily tuned saving time and cost. Multi-tools of the system are logical for the pattern-maker.

COMTENSE is the fastest to learn apparel CAD, being developed specially for the common user, who might have never had any computer experience. The software is targeted to provide the user with the most natural feeling of pattern making process handling.

The main feature: integrated grading

The look-and-feel feature of COMTENSE is the integrated grading. The grading rules are automatically recalculated, when any command to transform the piece is applied. So, for example, at the piece rotation the rules are changed to keep the grading. When the piece is split, the new grading rules are automatically created. Temporary Model contains tools to calculate and control the length of the corresponding piece parts in the process of grading. All this simplifies the work of a pattern-maker, saves time and makes the grading process more accurate. Pattern grading can also be done by standard steps, where the process is controlled by entering the grading rules.



AB OVO is a parametric unit to create drawings of the basic blocks. Every known method can be applied to create the basic piece set. The body measurements, additing and coefficients (constants) can be used as parameters.

Altering body measurements, the user can get fitted piece sets for made-to-measure production.

Created basic patterns can be transferred into the pattern development and grading module - Temporary Model.

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