CAD/CAM Solutions For Apparel Industry
COMTENSE Apparel Cad System


Founded in 1992, COMTENSE, Ltd. is a Russian company specializing in the apparel CAD/CAM software development.

COMTENSE is proud of its history. The program product has been developed since the early 1980s. Nowadays COMTENSE offers one of the leading software systems and equipment solutions for the garment industry. COMTENSE Apparel CAD/CAM System is number one selling apparel CAD in Russia. Hundreds of systems have been installed in Eastern European countries to more than 500 large and small factories.

Today COMTENSE CAD is widely used by individuals, freelancers, workshops and design studios, as well as by average and large sewing factories. Our software is being successfully applied to the following industries:

  •  Apparel (textile, knitting, leather, fur, headwear branches, etc.)
  •  Automobile
  •  Toys
  •  Upholstery

Continuously developing and improving our product, we contribute to the sewing industry, rising up the labor productivity, saving your time and cost, refining production quality, reducing room of the project department.

The software provides the user with full functionality, which comprises:

  • pattern making and design automation
  • pattern development
  • marker making
  • technology and production planning

It is the successful result of our long-term work!

We provide our customers with the reliable high-performance peripherals and after-sales technical service. Our users always have the possibility to up-grade and step-by-step arrange the production process. We are always in contact with our clients. Continuously developing our product in cooperation with our customers we are dedicated to correspond to their ever-growing demands.

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